List of My Online Profiles.

As a result of my miscellaneous activities, varous profiles exist about me online. I’ve gathered a bunch of them here, mostly of a social or professional nature. Some are maintained and others are not. I created some to promote my work, but merely found others online.

The following list contains most of my online profiles that I know about. Some are actively added to while others are static. I can control some but not others. I originally made this list merely out of curiousity during a prior effort to clean up my internet presence. I had searched for myself so that I could opt out at personal information aggregator sites. As I searched, when I found or remembered a profile that I had created, claimed, or noticed, I added it to my list. I am sharing the list simply in case someone using one of these platforms wants to find me. Feel free to connect!

Profile Link Type of Profile Academic
Aspergillus Genome Database Project
BioPortal (ECO project) Project
Carrd Link hub
Chronicle Vitae Academic
Dblp Publication list Code
ECO ontology staff Project
F1000 Research Presentations
FigShare Presentations
GitHub Project, code
Good Reads Personal interest
Google Scholar Publication list
ImpactStory Academic
Kudos Academic
Instagram Personal interest
Kolabtree Consulting
LinkedIn Professional
Linktree Link hub
Loop Academic
Medium Personal interest
Mendeley Publication list
NLM Bibliography Publication list
ORCiD Academic
Pinterest Personal interest
PubFacts Academic
Publons Academic
ResearchGate Academic
Scopus Publication list
Semantic Scholar Publication list
Sourceforge Project, code
SlideShare Presentations
StackOverflow Code
Twitter Personal interest
YouTube Personal interest
Wikidata Project
Zotero Publication list

Thank you for visiting my List of Online Profiles.

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Marcus takes photos of natural things on his nature walks