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I have written many things in my life, but my scientific work is the only thing I’ve routinely shared publicly. In January 2020, I decided I would start sharing personal pieces, too, so I started my blog, Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. Professional Science, Personal Blog.

I hope you find my writing informative, useful, or inspiring. Feel free to reach out—I’d love to hear from you. Happy reading!

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What I Write

There’s an old adage that one should write about what they know. That’s my plan for the blog. I wanted to discuss my life as a scientist and address miscellaneous personal topics, so I decided to name my site Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. Professional Scientist, Personal Blog. That seemed straightforward enough.

My interests are eclectic, so I write about many things. But I will frequently revisit three main areas: my science, my family, and my personal journey.

Mushroom nestled in some moss

My Science

I am a professional biologist interested in microbe-host interactions, genomics, fungi, plants, oomycetes, bioinformatics, and ontologies. I have studied plants & microbes and worked on genomics of organisms important to agriculture and medicine. I’ve done lab work, field research, and computational biology.


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On my blog, I want to address things peripheral to my work that I find interesting analytically, scientifically, or simply out of curiosity. I will delve into aspects of my research beyond what you can read about in my publications. I’ll address things that underlie my work, such as how to annotate a genome or tips for writing a convincing scientific paper. Some posts are intended for laypeople and others are more esoteric. In addition, I will discuss my experience as a scientist and explore topics like office equipment and tech I use.

On my blog, I address things peripheral to my work that I find interesting analytically, scientifically, or simply out of curiosity.

Nature walk Marcus Chibucos PhD and sons. Photo by Kandice Chibucos PhD
Marcus Chibucos Ph.D. on a nature walk with his sons. Photo by his wife, Kandice Chibucos, Ph.D.

My Family

I am a husband and a father of three boys. I am devoted to being the best dad & husband that I can be. Things that I have learned—and mistakes that I have made—inspire some of my writing.


But mostly, I just write about fun stuff I enjoy doing with my family. We do many interesting activities together, which keeps me busy. I hope to share some of the more interesting projects we do together.

But mostly, I just write about fun stuff I enjoy doing with my family.

Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. walking around Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, Maryland
Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D.

My Personal Journey

I try to have a growth mindset. I seek to be honest with myself, understand my own motivations, and continually learn. I believe that being honest with yourself is the key to a better life. Some of my writing addresses what I have learned from my experiences and emphasizes how they have helped me grow. I write about trying to live authentically, eat healthier, get physically fit, adapt to challenging situations, and stay motivated and inspired.


Yet, much of my writing is about nothing too deep at all—just miscellaneous interests. I intend to cover topics like making one’s social media experience more positive, cooking with kids, observations from nature walks, creating a fitness-centric home office, some personal collections, composting & worm farming, setting up an aquaponics system, home remodeling projects, and product reviews. If it’s something I do or enjoy thinking about, I’ll potentially cover it on my blog.

Being honest with yourself is the key to a better life.

Why I Write & Share

I’m inspired to do this because I want add value to our world

I am inspired to publish my writing on a blog because I want add value to our world. The idea that someone else might find my writing useful or inspiring feels good—and it encourages me to keep writing. It’s as simple as that.

But, to be honest, there are a few other reasons I write, too…

Organize My Thoughts

I tend to give a lot of thought to things I care about. Writing about what’s already on my mind is a good way to organize my thoughts.

Methodical Nature

I have always been methodical by nature, researching things even for personal projects. Turning ideas & notes that I have jotted down into published pieces is satisfying.

Exploring & Motivating

I enjoy exploring more effective & fulfilling ways to live. Writing about what works well for me or inspires me keeps me motivated and on track.

Excited to Share

I am naturally curious, frequently learning about new things. I enjoy reading other people’s views on various subjects, but I am excited to add my own thoughts, too.

Example Blog Topics

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Physical Fitness at Work

My Personal Projects

Fungi, Plants, and Nature

Bioinformatics & Genomics

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Thank you for reading About My Writing.

Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. Professional Science, Personal Blog


Mushroom nestled in some moss