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My name is Marcus. I am a life scientist, educator, father, and husband. I built my website, Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. Professional Science, Personal Blog, to tell people about my career in science, share my scientific publications, inform people about my freelance manuscript editing & genomics services, and host my personal blog—where I discuss science, family life, miscellaneous ideas, and observations.

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Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. Professional Science, Personal Blog
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Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D.



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My Career In Science


In broad terms, I am a scientist & educator who is interested in microbe-host interactions, genomics, and bioinformatics. I have an abiding interest in fungal genomics, plant symbiosis, and the biology of oomycetes & fungi. I am curious about how plants and microbes interact, both from an evolutionary perspective and in terms of how we might utilize aspects of their dynamics to enhance agricultural productivity and ecological sustainability.

Genomics & Bioinformatics

Presently I work as a bioinformatician. I have been part of many interesting projects involving genomics of host-associated microbes from across the tree of life—including animal and plant pathogens important to medicine, agriculture, industry, or ecology. To drive research on functional genomics of organismal interactions, I build genome annotation pipelines and annotate & analyze genomes. I use approaches such as comparative genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics in my work.


I also create ontological resources that allow scientists to analyze, standardize, and share data. I have worked on the Evidence and Conclusion Ontology, Ontology for Microbial Phenotypes, Gene Ontology, and others.

Plant Sciences

Before working in bioinformatics, I studied plant pathology in the laboratory for my doctorate, followed by postdoctoral training in oomycete genomics & Plant-Associated Microbe Gene Ontology.

Plants are why I got into science. I have long enjoyed visiting botanical gardens & arboreta, growing plants, doing taxonomy, and reading about economic botany. While working toward my liberal arts bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy, my favorite course was taxonomy & field biology of plants. In graduate school I initially studied plant ecology and worked on native plants & prairie restoration.

Teaching & Mentoring

I love sharing my knowledge and helping others learn about science. In addition to being a researcher, I am an experienced educator. I have taught professional scientists, faculty, and students at dozens of workshops on genomics & ontologies; mentored interns & graduate students; taught undergraduate labs in plant sciences & microbiology; lectured at community colleges; and enjoyed many other opportunities to engage people in science.


I hope you check out my scientific publications, which I am happy to say are nearly all open access. If you want to discuss my research or ask me a question related to science, feel free to reach out!


My career in science has been an interesting journey—I have studied biology at the computer, in the field, and in the laboratory.



Scientific Services

“Put my expertise to work for you. If you need assistance with scientific writing or genome analysis, I can help.”

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Manuscript Editing

Do you need help creating a high-quality scientific manuscript? I have years of practical experience communicating science simply, clearly, and effectively—even the most esoteric concepts. I can write, edit, critique, and enhance your scientific manuscript to put your science in the best light possible. Contact me to discuss your editing & writing needs today.



Genome Analysis

If you have raw sequence data and want tell a scientific story with it, I can help. Using my expertise in genomics, I can take your raw sequence data and assign putative structural & functional predictions. Next, I perform a range of explorative analyses appropriate to your organisms & research questions to generate useful hypotheses—driving your research forward. I am methodical, detailed, and clear. I will explain everything I do, so that it all makes sense to you.



My Blog

My blog went live in January 2020. I write about my personal and professional interests and experiences—my science, my family life, and the stuff I do and think about day-to-day. As my blog grows, it will be somewhat eclectic—just the way I like it.

I intend for all my posts to be thoughtful, well written, and researched thoroughly (when applicable). Many of my science-related writings will be aimed at a general audience, but some will be technical.

If it’s something I know, do, or think about, I might address it on my blog. You can read more about my blog, including why I write and what I cover—or go straight to reading my blog.



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Latest Scientific Publications

Adaptive Evolution of Olfaction Genes

Silva MC, Chibucos M, Munro JB, Daugherty S, Coelho MM, and Silva JC. (2020) Signature of adaptive evolution in olfactory receptor genes in Cory’s Shearwater supports molecular basis for smell in procellariiform seabirds. Scientific Reports. 10(1):543.

January, 2020

Ontology of Microbial Phenotypes

Siegele DA, LaBonte SA, Wu PI, Chibucos MC, Nadendla S, Giglio MG, and Hu JC. (2019) Phenotype annotation with the Ontology of Microbial Phenotypes (OMP). Journal of Biomedical Semantics. 10(1):13.

July, 2019

High-Throughput Gene Annotation

Attrill H, Gaudet P, Huntley RP, Lovering RC, Engel SR, Poux S, Van Auken KM, Georghiou G, Chibucos MC, Berardini TZ, Wood V, Drabkin H, Fey P, Garmiri P, Harris MA, Sawford T, Tauber R, Toro S, and the Gene Ontology Consortium. (2019) Annotation of gene product function from high throughput studies using the Gene Ontology. Database (Oxford).v.2019:baz007.

February, 2019

Evidence & Conclusion Ontology

Giglio MG, Tauber R, Nadendla S, Munro J, Olley D, Ball S, Mitraka E, Schriml LM, Gaudet P, Hobbs ET, Erill I, Siegele DA, Hu JC, Mungall C, and Chibucos MC. (2018) ECO, the Evidence and Conclusion Ontology: Community Standard for Evidence Information. Nucleic Acids Research. gky1036.

November, 2018



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Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. walking around Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, Maryland
Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D.

Marcus Chibucos, Ph.D. Professional Science, Personal Blog